A Documentary Film about Building Bridges that Last for generations
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Film Screening on March 10, 2018

Come to the screening of the film at White River Christian Church in the main Worship Center.  The team that produced the film will be hosting a live Q&A after the screening. So bring your questions for Brian Hansen and Jim Chamberlin!

March 10, 2018, 6:30PM
White River Christian Church
1685 North 10th Street
Noblesville, IN 46060

White River Christian Church

Puente = Bridge

Building bridges between indigenous people and Latinos has been the life work of Juan Rodriguez. His journey started in the Dominican Republic, and has taken him to deepest parts of Panama and Costa Rica for 20 years. Following His calling has not been easy, but Juan’s tireless dedication to the work has inspired thousands of people to action.

Juan and his team have brought education, clean water, medicine, agriculture, and leadership training to the remote jungles and mountains of Latin America. Over the years Juan has developed a proven strategy for lifting these villages from the depths of disease and poverty to a thriving and health-sustaining community.

The living conditions are poor and often characterized by disease and malnutrition. The indigenous people cannot read or write. They often have no clothes. Some practice no religion or a sort of quasi-religion, which allows the leader or “Chief” to rape the young girls at will. Juan works to first gain their trust and often overcome resistance from the Chief and leaders who do not want to change. They are too ignorant to know that what they are doing is wrong and they do not understand basic hygiene and health, the spreading of germs or even how to grow food. It is hard to imagine in today’s world with modern technology people can live in such a place of isolation and deprivation. But this is the case with these villages. It is a lifetime of work, but building bridges that last for generations is work worth doing. 

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Production Credits:

  • Brian Hansen, Director
  • Jim Chamberlin, Producer
  • Dan Crosley, Producer
  • Juan Rodriguez, Producer
  • Phil Cramer, Cinematography

In Partnership:

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Peunte is dedicated to the memory of Dan Crosley

Pastor Paul Daniel “Dan” Crosley, 67 of Noblesville, IN passed away on July 17, 2017.

This film has been a passion project for Dan Crosley and Brian Hansen that goes back to 2007 years. When Brian first visited Panama and went to these remote villages in 2007 he knew he would be back to produce a proper documentary in the future. Dan and Brian attempted to produce this feature many times, and the logistics and timing never worked out until 2016.


The trip in August 2016 when this film was shot was Dan Crosley’s last trip to Panama.

Behind the Scenes Photos

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